3 Great Tomato Varieties for Container Gardens

3 Great Tomato Varieties for Container Gardens If you have limited gardening space, using buckets, pots and containers to grow tomatoes is a great alternative. Thanks to their small footprint, pots and other containers offer an ideal and creative way to get your gardening fix no matter where you live. Container gardening offers other advantages, as well. For starters, growing…

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How To Preserve Your Herbs

When you have your herbs from your garden it is always the same isn’t it. You simply have too much ,so what can you do with these extra herbs so they don’t go to waste? Preserve them of course for later

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Storing Your Fresh Cut Herbs

  You want to prune and harvest regularly so that your plants continue to grow and provide fresh herbs to use, but you need to store those some place. You have a few choices available and what you decide may depend on which herb you’re storing and how long you want it to last. Storage in the fridge: Fold a…

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Tools of the Trade for Herb Gardeners

One of the nicest things about herb gardening is that you don’t really need a lot of tools and supplies, just a few basics. It’s perfect for beginner gardeners or for those who have minimal space available for storage. Aside from your plants and containers, there are just a few things you’ll want to have on hand. Sharp Pruning Snips…

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Indoor Herb Gardens vs Outdoor Herb Gardens: Which is Right for You?

  The nice thing about growing your own herbs is that you can grow them pretty much anywhere, indoors or outdoors. They take up very little space, they need minimal care, and even the smallest harvest from the plants can be very rewarding. But should you grow your herb plants indoors or outdoors? Does it matter? The truth is, it’s…

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Herb Gardening Basic

  Herbs have been around since time immemorial and served different kinds of purposes. They have been used to treat illness and flavour cooking; they were even believed to have magical powers. Do you want to have your own herb garden? Here are a few ideas on how to establish an herb garden. Plan your garden. Consider the herbs you…

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It’ All About Balsam of Tolu

  Balsam of Tolu is an herb that comes from a very tall tree that can be found in Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia. This herbal plant has also been called Balsam of Peru because it was originally exported primarily from Peru but that is no longer the case. The resin of this tree is what is…

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A Great Guide On How To Do Vegetable Gardening In Containers

When it comes to vegetable gardening and you are limited to space have you ever considered growing your vegetables in containers ?, it will save you space also it is a great way to use a raised container if you can not bend to far down to the ground as you would have to if you planted your veg rightist…

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Growing The Wonderful Herb Mint

I love mint it is one of my favourite herbs to grow and it smells amazing , the only down side to it it can grow quite rapid and will spread if you let it , this article that is brought to you by Amy from shewearsmanyhats website gives you a few tips and advice when it comes to growing mint ,…

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Creating a Raised Bed For You Plants

  If your current planting goals involve plants that require good water drainage, I am sure you know how frustrating it is to have a yard that just won’t cooperate. Some plants can handle the excess water that comes about from being in an area that doesn’t drain properly. In fact, it might just cause them to bloom more lushly….

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